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About Us

Rastech Inc. is a engineering company servicing all types of computers & technology. Rastech Inc. is a full-service sales, service and support center for all your technology needs. We have a capable sales, service, technical and programming staff, whose common corporate objective is to provide you the best service, pricing and support possible. That’s our commitment to you.

Rastech started business in 1986. We have evolved significantly over the last three decades. Throughout changes in staff and the marketplace, we have maintained our goal of service to our customers. We hope to serve you even better in the future.

Rastech’s strength is in the customer support we provide. We make sure we are available every step of the way. As an engineering group, not a retail store, our job is to solve problems, not just sell products. We service all varieties of new & modern computer, software and technology equipment. We support all clientele, no matter what software or computing application they may have. We sell any reliable computer product that will solve a customer’s problem. Most importantly, we make computing easier.

We, at Rastech, look forward to building a positive relationship with you. Thank you for your time.

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